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who's more creepy when they like someone? I just picture Hermes like Edward Cullen,just watching them from afar then being over-dramatic when he tells them he's a god(if he ever does)

Apollo: Nah, usually we don’t tell mortals that we are gods. Very few could actually live with that knowledge. They’re happier when they don’t know.

Hermes: And Apollo is the creepy one. He’s so passionate it scares people.

Apollo: What? I’m not creepy!

Hermes: How else do you explain your bad luck with mortals? You expect too much too soon. They’ll get anxious because of your actions and then you’ll get hurt just because they don’t understand.

Apollo: That was before! I’m not like that anymore. You should know.

Hermes: I didn’t mean -

Apollo: Yes, you did. You wouldn’t even care if I got myself hurt, would you?

Hermes: What? Of course I would. What are you - ?

Apollo: Oh, shut up.

Apollo i really thought you were my main god. Why wont you talk to me?

Apollo: Ah, perhaps you haven’t received my messages then. The signs aren’t always so obvious. You have to look more carefully and then you may see. Or maybe Hermes is just a lousy messenger.

Hermes: Why is everything always my fault? Even you can’t figure out what your prophecies mean!

Apollo: That’s why they’re called prophecies. The world has always been a magical full of signs and hidden meanings. You just have to learn how to read it.

Hermes: Don’t believe anything he says. He’s just a desperate drama queen and this is his stage.

Apollo: I am not a drama queen!

Hermes: Yes you are. Don’t argue with me. I’m smarter than you.

Apollo: Yeah right. In your dreams, little brother.

Hermes: Well, it seems very real to me, big brother.


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Do you have any pets?

Hermes: Nope. We would forget about them so it’s no use.

Hermes, if Apollo cannot tell lies at all, why did you call him a liar?

Apollo: I wonder the same thing myself. Why indeed?

Hermes: You couldn’t return her/his feelings because you didn’t know who she/he was.

Apollo: Yes? That wasn’t a lie.

Hermes: But you always brag about how you know everything and how you can find out things no one else can. You could’ve found out who she/he was if you wanted to but you didn’t.

Apollo: Still, I didn’t lie. You had no reason to call me a liar.

Hermes: It’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to lying. I think that’s kinda cute *grins* My sweet big brother doesn’t know how to tell lies but he still knows how to play.

Apollo: *sighs* You and your games… *mumbles something to himself*


[Young Apollo]

How do you tell mortals that you don't want there offering. Actually why be picky in general? It's a gift of worship!

Apollo: Who said we’d be picky about that? I love offerings!

Hermes: But it’s sometimes unclear if it is an offering or something else. Mortals’ thoughts can be very bizarre and it’s hard to track what they mean by certain offerings. So, we’re not really picky but confused. 

So, I guess I need to admit something to you Apollo.I have a crush on you. *blushes,walking away*

Apollo: Oh, what a sweet thing to say! I’ll always forget how cute mortals can be! *smiles brightly* But I can’t really return your feelings because I don’t know who you are…

Hermes: Pff! And you always claim that you know everything! But… wait a second… *gasps* Liar!

Apollo: Shush now *muffles Hermes’ mouth with his hand* You talk way too much, little brother.